Yes/No Tarot


Sometimes, the best answer is the most direct one. Our “yes or not” Tarot reading provides just that, so you can finally come to grips with what you need. You’ll get a straight, honest Tarot reading as if you were sitting in front of a Tarot reader. What’s Included:

  • 6+ page report
  • 3-card Tarot spread
  • Detailed descriptions of each card and a final “yes” or “no” answer

I got this Tarot reading on the spur of the moment before I went on a first date to find out whether or not it would go well. The answer I got came true! So now I trust the Yes/No Tarot to guide me when I'm overthinking simple matters

Brian O. (Cleveland, Ohio)

Like a lot of people, I overanalyze situations and questions until I've made a mountain out of a molehill! The Yes/No Tarot helps me simplify, and it hasn't failed me yet! Thanks!

Lauren C. (Allentown, Pennsylvania)
Tap each card to reveal your fate. You can also tap the button to get all the cards at once.