2022 Love Tarot


Is 2022 the year you find your soulmate? The Tarot cards always know, and the 2022 Love Tarot reading will illuminate their mysterious ways. With each of the 12 cards in the spread representing a month, you’ll have the opportunity to look into the crystal ball of fate for the entire year!

 What’s Included:

  • 12+ page report

  • 12-card Tarot spread

  • Focus on your question related to love or someone specific you may have a question about

  • Upcoming energy is depicted with one Tarot card for each month in 2022

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2022 Numerology Forecast

Life is a numbers game, and sometimes we can know what ours are. Using your name and birthday, the 2022 Numerology reading divines your Personal Year number and fate for 2022 in a month-by-month breakdown. We’ll collectively be experiencing a six year in 2022, and there’s no better way to know how that will affect you personally than with this report!

 What’s Included:

  • 11+ page report

  • Learn more about your Personal Year and how it will influence your love and relationships, career, finances, health, and personal development for the coming year

  • Read about your Personal Essence Year, which includes a month-by-month breakdown of how your numerology and the energy changes each month during 2022

"My report couldn't have been more right-on. It told me to stay optimistic in January and that I would find love by June. By the middle of June, I was dating my dream man. Thank you!"

- Sydney (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

"What a great report! I use this report religiously all year long."

- Nancy (Lake Tahoe, California)
Tap each card to reveal your fate. You can also tap the button to get all the cards at once.