Personalized Career Horoscope


By analyzing the overall configuration of your birth chart, this career report takes a deep dive into your talents, abilities, ambitions, and motivations. Going beyond professional strengths provides priceless direction along your career journey toward success.

What’s Included
• 14+ pages
• Character and personality profile
• Professional astrological analysis
• Strengths: material assets & resources
• Planetary career qualities & keywords

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Birth Chart

It’s easy to find out your birth horoscope with a birth chart calculator. But if your question is, “What does my birth chart mean?”—that’s where we come in. In your natal chart, the zodiac sign energy at play can tell show you strengths, weaknesses, biggest fears, and more. Here, you’ll receive a detailed birth chart analysis that really shows who you really are.

I was so pleased with your fabulous career analysis. I studied astrology for 15 years, and your report really hits home. It just feels right!

Nina (Phoenix, Arizona)

Your report helped me earn the promotion I really wanted. Thanks! Now I'm on my way to District Manager. Jerry

(Duluth, Minnesota)