2021 Love Tarot


Is this the year you’ll find love? Ask the Tarot cards your most burning questions about love and your relationships with a 2021 Love Tarot reading. In this 12-card Tarot spread, you’ll receive detailed insight for each month and what’s in store for your love life! 

What’s Included:
• 12+ page report
• 12-card Tarot spread
• Focus on your question related to love or someone specific you may have a question about
• Upcoming energy is depicted with one Tarot card for each month in 2021

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"My report couldn't have been more right-on. It told me to stay optimistic in January and that I would find love by June. By the middle of June, I was dating my dream man. Thank you!"

- Sydney (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

"What a great report! I use this report religiously all year long."

- Nancy (Lake Tahoe, California)
Tap each card to reveal your fate. You can also tap the button to get all the cards at once.