July Premium Horoscope

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Cozy Comfort and Fiery Changes Ahead!

July brings themes of family, home, and creating a cozy atmosphere as the sun, Venus, and multitasking Mercury all transit through Cancer. Whether you’re on a summer vacation, working, or spending time with loved ones, this is the perfect time to make your surroundings as comfortable as possible. With Neptune turning retrograde on July 2 and the Cancer new moon on July 5, you’ll have an opportunity to reset and realign.

Make sure to rest and recharge before July 20 when energetic Mars enters Gemini, bringing increased activity and busy schedules. Stay ahead of the game by focusing on one or two key areas and avoid spreading yourself too thin. This period is ideal for tackling detailed projects around the house that require mental focus. Just be cautious, as Mars’ alignment with Uranus on July 15 can make us more accident-prone.

As the sun moves into creative Leo on July 22, joining Venus, expect an infusion of spice and fun into your life. The desire for transformation will be strong as the sun opposes Pluto, and by month’s end, you might embark on a new journey when it forms a positive aspect with the moon’s node. July promises to be hot and dynamic. Get ready!

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