April Full Moon Reading

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Reveal Your Emotional Truth and Transform

This month’s Scorpio full moon embodies transformation and illuminates the hidden for your ultimate benefit. It’s a pivotal time to express yourself, but choose your words wisely as Mercury concludes its retrograde journey through passionate Aries. The sun’s presence in nurturing Taurus encourages a realignment with your core values. Reflect on how you can embody the transformation you seek in your life.

As the moon’s north node sits with Mercury in Aries, a wave of mental sharpness and bravery washes over us, urging you to confront and articulate long standing matters. It’s time to face your history and pave the way for a fresh start and the pursuit of emotional clarity and healing.

Committing to the exploration of your deepest feelings opens the door to peace and the enrichment of your relationships and self-discovery. Lean into the winds of change and harness the transformative energy with this April 2024 full moon report!

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