June Full Moon Reading

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Structured Summer: The Capricorn Full Moon Infuses Discipline and Growth

Embrace a serious summer as Saturn governs the first full moon of the season in the northern hemisphere. Achieving the best outcomes requires consistency and dedication, so concentrate on your future goals while appreciating your past achievements. Striking a balance between emotions and practicality, and between yourself and others, is essential for optimal results.

With the sun, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer opposing the receptive moon, a realistic perspective is cast on how you present yourself, your relationships, and your communication style. Use this time to process any emotions that surface regarding your home and work life. It may be an opportune moment for much needed changes. 

On June 28, when Venus in Cancer forms a supportive aspect with Mars in Taurus, you’ll have the chance to implement these changes. This energy favors a slow and steady approach, so be patient with yourself and remember that every step forward is progress. This period can be both productive and fulfilling. Discover how to harness this energy with your June 2024 Full Moon Report!

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