May Full Moon Reading

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Fortune, Insight, and Growth Await You

May arrives with its majestic presence, unveiling an abundant full moon in Sagittarius, heralding a tapestry of luck, optimism, and enlightenment. As the sun in Gemini opposes the moon, it ignites a fervent curiosity, enabling a journey towards truth and elevated wisdom. 

Jupiter, the benevolent overseer of Sagittarius, is finishing up its journey through Taurus during this lunation, creating a portal of manifestation before it moves into Gemini. Nestled alongside its celestial counterpart Venus, Jupiter harmonizes with the ethereal Neptune and transformative Pluto, awakening love, allure and opulence that rejuvenates the spirit. The seeds you’ve planted for the future begin to blossom.  

Guided by the North Node, Mars, and Chiron in audacious Aries, the opportunity to heal past wounds presents itself.  Embrace courage, seize command, and pursue your heart’s desires for greater joy and abundance. Initiate this transformative journey by delving into your personalized May 2024 Full Moon Reading!

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