March Premium Horoscope

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New Beginnings Are Here. Carpe Diem!

It’s a new month and a new era. March brings a fresh energy starting with the creative and compassionate Pisces new moon on March 10th. What have you been dreaming about? It’s time to put a plan into action and make those dreams come true. But not before you take a leap of faith and release what is no longer serving you.

The astrological new year is here on March 19th when Aries season officially begins. Aries is a cardinal fire sign and is connected to new beginnings. With this fiery energy building, you’ll be inspired to be bold and take action on everything you’ve been cooking up quietly.

March 25th is an important day with the full moon lunar eclipse in cardinal air sign Libra. This is the beginning of an important cycle that brings forth the topic of self versus others. Maintaining balance between you and the most important people in your life will be an important task.

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