2022 Annual Bundle


Limited time only – The year is still young, and it’s never been a better time to see how the rest of 2022 will play out for you then by purchasing our 2022 Annual Bundle. Get insights on how the rest of your year will play out via horoscope, numerology, and tarot!

2022 Premium Horoscope

2022 is hot on our heels, and to the most prepared go the spoils. With the help of your 2022 horoscope, you can start the year with a leg up on what’s to come for your career, love life, and finances—complete with key astrological dates!

2022 Numerology Forecast

Life is a numbers game, and sometimes we can know what ours are. Using your name and birthday, the 2022 Numerology reading divines your Personal Year number and fate for 2022 in a month-by-month breakdown. We’ll collectively be experiencing a six year in 2022, and there’s no better way to know how that will affect you personally than with this report!

2022 Tarot Reading

Take a preemptive tour through 2022 with this 12-card Tarot reading! With each month represented by a different card, no stone will be left unturned in your personal life—from love to finances. Find out what this year has in store for you with a 2022 Tarot Reading.

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